Chair: Wanda Zehner
Members: Wayne Jacks, Ray Harman, Ray Suskie, Kristy Odland, Suzette Henry Miller

The Budget and Finance Committee (Committee) will consist of a Chair and a minimum of 2 members from the general membership who are in good standing.  The Committee shall have the following responsibilities and report to the board on all matters discussed.

Review, discuss and make recommendations pertaining to the financial statements as submitted by the Treasurer.

Compile a proposed annual budget and submit to the Board of Directors for approval.

Develop ideas for fundraising for all funds; including but not limited to the general fund, the QLA Fund, and the Anne Harman Memorial Fund.

Prepare and recommend to the Board of Directors guidelines for the expenditure of funds from designated accounts, including but not limited to the QLA Fund and Anne Harman Memorial Fund.

Other projects as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.