Chair: Kristy Odland and Jeff Blaemers
Members: Vince Perry, Velma Bragg, Jill Blaemers, Suzette Henry Miller, Jim Suss

The Governance Committee (Committee) will consist of a Chair and a minimum of 2 members from the general membership who are in good standing.  The Committee shall have the following responsibilities and report to the board on all matters discussed.

Review the Bylaws of the QLA on a regular basis to ensure compliance.  Recommend to the Board of Directors changes in procedures which would ensure compliance.  Recommend to the Board of Directors proposed changes to the Bylaws which would provide for a more efficient organizational structure and operation.  Present proposed changes to the General Membership for final approval in accordance with the Bylaws.

Recruit and recommend members to fill vacant positions on the Board of Directors.  Prepare voter ballots and assist with the voting process.

Other projects as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.