by Don J. Schiller, M.D., F.A.C.S.

BCIR surgical patients deserve the best of care.  Dr. Schiller believes in a “hands on” style of practice.  He understands that the Attending Surgeon should see their patients every day while they are in the hospital.  This includes changing the dressing/bandages daily to personally inspect the incisions and stoma, rather than relying on someone else’s observations.  It also means that with daily rounds, communicating directly with patients and their families is greatly enhanced.

Although complications following BCIR surgery are infrequent, the Attending Surgeon is in the best position to detect subtle changes that allow for intervention or treatment at the earliest possible time.  If Dr. Schiller must be away, an Attending Surgeon colleague who is completely familiar with BCIR patients and BCIR surgery sees the patients daily until Dr. Schiller returns.  In addition, following discharge from the Medical Center, Dr. Schiller maintains a follow-up appointment schedule (by telephone for out-of-town patients) with each patient during the first six months, and as needed thereafter.  He and his staff are always available, and readily available, for any patient questions or concerns, which are addressed on a same day basis.  The combination of excellent in-patient care and thorough follow-up is the hallmark of Dr. Schiller’s surgical practice.